Poisonous plants: these plants are poisonous

Plants try to protect themselves from animals that want to eat them. Some do this with spines or a bitter taste and some use poison. This poison can be dangerous for various animals, but also for humans. Which poisonous plants should you look out for?

Poisonous plants for pets and humans
Poisonous plants for cats are notorious because these pets often eat the plants to get rid of hairballs by vomiting. But there are also poisonous house plants for dogs. Animals that eat plants usually recognise the plants they should not eat, but even a rabbit can choose the wrong green. If you have animals outside, it is always wise to find out if there are plants growing nearby that are poisonous to horses or, for example, chickens. If there are plants in your garden that are dangerous to humans, always be careful with children.

Some poisonous plants
A number of houseplants that can be found in most living rooms are poisonous to humans, cats and dogs for various reasons. So always be careful if you have the following plants at home:

Spoon plant or spathiphyllum, slightly toxic to humans and animals.
Yucca plant, poisonous for humans and animals. The fibres in the leaves can irritate the intestines even more.
The lipstick plant is not known as particularly poisonous, but several parts are not edible and cause irritation.

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