The 10 most beautiful flowering orange plants

Orange lantern plant

The lantern-like calyxes form in the autumn, are bright orange and about 5 -7 centimetres in size. Especially in times when there is little colour in the garden, these little lanterns brighten up the surroundings. It is therefore one of the most popular orange plants for gardeners who want to enjoy the garden all year round.

Height: up to 100 centimetres
When to sow: Spring
Flowering time: July to September
Latin name: Physalis Alkehengi
Type of plant: perennial orange plant
Within the orange lanterns are non-edible fruits. The lanterns are also used to put in a vase indoors.

Nailweed orange
Nailwort is a native European species and is therefore easy to maintain. The plant multiplies from seed. There are several colours, including the bright orange buds of Dolly North. Nailweed feels most at ease near the water’s edge and is therefore very suitable for alongside a pond.

Height: 50 centimetres
When to sow: spring after the frost
Flowering time: April to August
Latin name: Geum
Type of plant: perennial
The nailweed is sensitive to frost and wants to be protected on nights when the temperature drops significantly.

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