Looking After Your Call Ducks

Looking After Your Call Ducks

Call ducks are a smaller breed of duck that originally came from the mallard.  Originally they were used as decoys to lure bigger wild ducks into traps that would then be used commercially.  Call ducks have been around since the mid 1800’s and were among the first breeds to be standardized. While smaller than most ducks they do have lots of character and really big voices, the females are particularly vocal.  These ducks are easily domesticated, come in a variety of colours and weight roughly a pound.  Looking after your call ducks isn’t that difficult but let’s look at what you need to do.

Caring for Your Call Ducks

Call ducks don’t really need any special care compared to other breeds.  You will need to have somewhere for the ducks to sleep that rats and mice can’t get into.  You can make your own if you’re handy or you can buy one.  You do want to make sure that foxes can’t get into it either.  Ideally your ducks should be free range but if that isn’t possible then you can use a mobile run instead.

Ducks Need Water

Call ducks are no different from any other type of duck and they are going to need water.  You can use some small washing up bowls or rectangular plastic containers for them to swim in.  Lay some stones or bricks around the container and inside it to help the ducks get in and out.  Remember they are smaller than regular ducks and get just step into a paddling pool.  You also need to change the water regular, this is the water they will drink out of so it needs to be clean and fresh.  Stagnant water can make your ducks sick, so it should be avoided.

Feeding Your Call Ducks

Call ducks are much smaller than regular ducks and feeding then will cost you less.  If you are letting your ducks roam then they will forage for slugs, worms and greens.  But your call ducks are also going to need some calcium especially during laying season.  Ducks also have pretty sensitive digestive tracts so if you are going to supplement with chicken feed make sure it is organic and has no medication in it.  Since these ducks are so small they need special food, crumbs or starter pellets are best so they can digest it easily.

Call ducks are more like pets than other ducks you might consider raising, they are tiny weighing only a pound.  They are lively and be prepared for the noise, these ducks are not quiet.