Breeding Ducks

Breeding Ducks

Breeding Ducks


Breeding ducks isn’t as hard as you think.  With over 150 species of ducks there are several breeds that have been domesticated and are bred for eggs, meat and pets.  Wild ducks or ducks that have not been bred properly aren’t really ideal pets.  Some breeds of ducks like Call Ducks can imprint on humans and they can become very sweet pets.

Advantages of Breeding Ducks

Most breeds of ducks breed in the winter and you will end up with ducklings in the spring.  If you are weighing whether to breed ducks or chickens then there are some advantages to choosing ducks.  Ducks are pretty low maintenance and don’t need as much of your time and attention as chickens do.  They don’t get as many diseases or parasites making it a lot easier to keep them.  The one thing that you have to remember is to keep the baby ducks away from the adult ducks.

Setting Up a Breeding Area

There isn’t much to setting up a breeding area for your ducks, if you have a pond on your property then the wetlands are the perfect spot.  All they need are small pens or even a shed, ducklings are fairly small and don’t need a lot of space.  You don’t need a whole barn or have to worry about keeping them warm like you do with baby chicks.

Duck Eggs

If you are breeding ducks for their eggs then you are in luck they lay far more eggs than chickens and the eggs are heavier too, that is why breeders find ducks so profitable.  There are plenty of people that prefer duck eggs to chicken, they work well for baking or cooking.  If you are allergic to chicken eggs but still love them you may be able to eat duck eggs.  Nutritionally duck eggs have more fat and cholesterol but they also have more Omega 3 which is very healthy.

Ducks are easy going birds and you don’t have to worry about them getting aggressive.  If you have kids they love watching them and learning to feed them.  Ducks don’t take up much room so you don’t need a big farm you can probably breed a couple of ducks if you have a big enough back garden.  There are plenty of ways to profit from breeding ducks everything from eggs, feathers, meat to the ducks themselves.  Call ducks are a lively breed that you will enjoy raising.